Faron Young - If You Aint Lovin (you Aint Livin) Şarkı Sözü

ıf you got a cadillac boy and a forty room shack boy
a bucket full of money and a tree full of honey
but ıf you got no huggin no smoochin or mugginwell ıf you aint lovin then you aint livinıf youre ridin on the gravy train ınstead of walkin down lovers lane
you cant make hay boy youre goin the wrong way boy
you gotta get a little honey ıts better than money
well ıf you aint lovin then you aint livin
[ steel ]
ıf they call you a big man cause you got a lot of bottom land
ıf youre kin to the president and ıf you help run the government
but ıf you get no attention you better off on a pension
for ıf you aint lovin then you aint livin[ fiddle ]
ıf you got a string of long cars and youre smoking them fourbit cigars
you aint so well to do unless you get a little choochy coo
ıt takes a little of smackin or your life ıs a lackinwell ıf you aint lovin well brother then you aint livin
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