Bonfire - Lay Your Heart On The Line Şarkı Sözü

ı can relate that youre hiding your feelings
too many times theyve been makin you sad
girl ım the man who wont play with your yearnings
open up your heart babe cause ı wont treat you bad

deep down ınside youre so hungry baby
make up your mind cause we aint livin ın sin

lay your heart on the line
dont keep ıt ınside
cause love just walked ınto your door
lay your heart on the line
and youll gonna find the reason were livin for

caught up ın dreams, why dont you surrender
whole lotta passion ıs waiting for you
what does ıt take to be part of your dreamin
love aint just a word, cmon open up ınside

dont loose yourself ın hesitation
you gotta fight - straight from your heart - straight from your heart

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