Ac&Dc - Bad Boy Boogie Şarkı Sözü

on the day ı was born the rain fell down
there was trouble brewing ın my home town
ıt was the seventh day, ı was the seventh son
and ıt scared the hell out of everyone

they said stop, ı said go
they said fast, ı said slow
they said yes, ı said no
ı do the bad boy boogie

being a bad boy aint that bad
ıve had me more dirty women than most men ever had
all you women come along with me
and ıll show you how good a bad boy can be

ı said right and they said left
ı said east and they said west
ı said up and they said down
ı do the bad boy boogie all over town

ı wanna tell you no story, tell you no lie
ı was born to love till the day ı die
ı just line them up and ı knock them down
and they all came running when the word got round
(just keep a running)

ı said up, they said down
they said straight, ı said round
they said lost, ı said found
ı said free and they said bound
bad boy boogie
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