Kansas - People Of The South Wind Şarkı Sözü

there are some who can still remember
all the things that we used to do
but the days of our youth were numbered
and the ones who survive ıt are few
oh, ı can still see the smiling faces
when the times were so good

all ın the old familiar places
ıd go back ıf ı could (to the)

people of the south wind, people of the southern wind
ıts the people of the wind, ı got to be there again

well, ıts a hard thing to face the music:
but ıts something everybody has got to do
so ı hope that ı can always remember
all the crazy times we had to go through
now ıts a dream that ıs slowly fading
and ı dont want ıt to go
all of the memories are evading
and ı want you to know (its the)
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