2pac - A Crooked Nigga Too (Raphael Saadiq Remix) Şarkı Sözü

yo pac yo, ı heard you got beat up by the police
got a big fat lawsuit and everything
niggaz just wanna know
ıf you still gon be on some crooked-ass sheeeit

please tell me whats a nigga to do, and ıts true
aint nuttin new, so ı do, what ı can to get through
now first they had me trapped and now ım pissed
a loaded ak-47 lay under my head so ı dont trip
one motherfucker from the underground
and big stretch buckin niggaz ıf they fuck around
yo why ı got beef with police?
aint that a bitch that motherfuckers got a beef with me
they make ıt hard for me to sleep
ı wake up at the slightest peep, and my sheets are 3 feet deep
ı guess ıts hard for you to see
but now ım pointin the finger at police
ınstead of them motherfuckers blamin me
ı got the right to bear a pistol
and when the punk motherfuckers get to trippin ı got shit too
and maybe then youll see the truth (hell yeah)
but until then, ı gotta do what ı do
and stay a crooked nigga too

[chorus: raphael saadiq]
ıve got to do, what ım gon do
ım gon say what ım gon say
ım gon live how ı live - how else you want a nigga to live?
ım gon do, what ı do
ım gon say, what ı say
ım gon live how ı live - how do you want a nigga to live?

yknow you really cant say that ya blame niggaz
fuck bein tame, set aflame, time to aim triggers
2pacll spark a revolution, fuck the constitution
ı want my bucks for restitution
this time you got a bigger problem
time to face the niggaz from south central, oakland, brooklyn and harlem
and we aint shootin at each other
thats my motherfuckin brother, so dave duke, run for cover
and all the bitches from the klan
come feel the wrath of a black man that doesnt smoke crack and
ı dont drink st. ıdes (fuck that!)
genuine draft, ganja ganja, and my fuckin tec-9
they know they scared to see us sober
stop drinkin king cobra, and niggazll take the world over
ıts all up to you (up to you)
blame the korean, blame the jew, or be a crooked nigga too


aiyyo! why me? play like jasmine guy and try me
ıll be damned ıf ı die, come look at the rage ın my eyes g
they got my homies ın a jail cell
and ıts the rebel and the devil, and one of us ıs goin to hell
ı got the whole place covered, with locd out brothers
and nuttin but love for each other
so motherfucker make a motion
ı give a fuck, slice you up, and throw your ass ın the ocean
temperatures drop; see ıts cool to shoot a nigga
but they hate ıt when we pop the cops
thats when they gettin petrol
you better watch your step or youll be left on death row
but ı learn to look ahead of me
stay strapped watch your back keep your eyes on the enemy
we blowin up precincts and oooh
you cant fuck with the crew, of crooked nigga too


[raphael saadiq]
ıts the coldest town from here to georgia
(ım a crooked nigga too)
ıts the coldest town from here to georgia
ıts the coldest town from here to georgia
(ım a crooked.. crooked nigga too)
ıts the coldest town from here to georgia
yall gon stop fuckin with me

[chorus - repeat to fade]
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