Mack 10 - Cant Stop Şarkı Sözü

e-40 talking: mack onedime, excuse me playboy
aiight check this out, aiight nigga check this out
we crimeys right that mean you my patner ın crime
like that check this out, lets let em know summinyou know niggas shouldve been plugged up
from l.a. to the bay you understand we doin big thangs
big thangs mothafucka, big thangs fool. check ıt out!

aiight one o this e feezee, ı gotta ı gotta
thank my math teacher count dracula
for just teachin a brother to you know
count his marbles you know
what about you?

verse 1 (mack)
you see ı cant stop ı wont stop
til ı check a mil ı need a super bad bitch
and a house on the hill
365 7days ı believe crack pays
my estates been guarded by pit bulls and aks
ım straight cookin them thangs
movin weight like ı should
cause a nigga livin good
dont mean he went hollywood
dog ı practice my craft
so each year ı get better
to stay ghetto and clever
but be richer than ever

(e-40) fonzerelli man ı thought you was a rebel
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