Metallica - Escape Şarkı Sözü

fell no pain, but my life aint easy
ı know ım my best friend
no one cares, but ım so much stronger
ıll fight until the end
to escape from the true false world
undamaged destiny
cant get caught ın the endless circle
ring of stupidity

out of my own, out to be free
one with my mind, they just cant see
no need to hear things that they say
life ıs for my own to live my own way

rape my mind and destroy my feelings
dont tell my what to do
ı dont care now, cause ım on my side
and ı can see through you
feed my brain with your so called standards
who says that ı aint right
break away from your common fashion
see through your blurry sight

see they try to bring the hammer down
no damn chains can hold me to the ground
life ıs for my own to live my own way
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