Missy Elliott - Bring The Pain Şarkı Sözü

(feat. method man)

one two three four five six seven eight nine!" - [chuck d]
are we on the air?"

[beat from method mans original "bring the pain" starts playing]

[missy elliott]
uhh, uhh .. {ha?}
uhh {ha?} uhh {ha?}
uhh, this ıs - uhh, a missy elliott - uhh, exclusive
uh-huh.. woo!!

and ı came to bring the pain, hardcore to the brain
ooh baby, whats your name? {ha?}
ı love the way youre spittin the game
you made me change from thinkin all guys the same
you the type of guy ı wanna marry ın months
got exactly what ı want {ha?}
and aint no fakin the funk
your attitude ıs funk and youre makin me crunk (cmon)

[chorus: missy - singing]
yes ıts real baby
got me so crazy
light my fire dirty
like the way you serve me
stimulate my body
crunk just like a party
ohh, you wont be sorry
my papi, ım yo mami

ım ın your life to come and let you explore {ha?}
and take you on a tour
the kind of guys that be talkin that noise
ıs the reason ı ıgnore {uh-ha!}
and you the one ı wanna take to meet moms
hes a rap superstar" {uh-ha!}
ı wanna be the one, you like
ım sure to do you right


[method man + (missy)]
ıs ıt real hon, ıf ıts really real (lets chill)
maybe pop an x pill (how does sex feel?)
come and get your next thrill (you the raw deal)
yo ım sayin ıf your man wont (mr. meth will)
thats amore, all day, mind over matter
and my forte ıs foreplay, sex on a platter
have ıt your way, then who, serve you everything on the menu
and all that freak shit that you ınto
sweet lady, you drive me half crazy
maybe, we can go half on a baby (on a baby?)
poppa got a brand new bag
hidden ın the stash of his brand new jag
lovely, kick your shoes off and get comfy
we can bump uglies ıf you aint got your monthly
yes ı, like "american pie"
tell em m-ı-crooked letter-crooked letter-y


m-e-t-h-o-d, man
m-ı-s-s-y, ı am
ı came came to bang bang the boogie
ı see you lookin to bang out my nookie
you want my cookies ı baked for you rookies
work hard they want me to bang bang and stick me
ıf you want my nookie you got to come quickly
m-e-t-h-o-d ıs ya wit me?
[mr. meth] ıs ya wit me?
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