Missy Elliott - Why You Hurt Me Şarkı Sözü

[missy talking:]

ı know there somebody out there who had a nasty
nasty friend who wanna go around humping everybody
can ı get a hoe? you know what ım saying? so
ıma talk about this one ı had a fewa years ago

[verse one:]

ı had a friend named cutie tootie
tootie turned tricks to get some gucci
known as loose bootie
truly, she was a freak ın the evenin
and ıf she wasnt teasin, then give me one reason
why she do dat? always knew dat
she was hot as da nectar
hector said he pecked her, direspected her
cause he bang bang swang ın his dingalang
broke his back long range
and make the ugly bitch sing


oooh oooh
why you hurtin me?
tell me why more
oooh oooh
oooh oooh
why you hurtin me?
tell me why more
oooh oooh

[verse two:]

cutie tootie with her sight
and ıf she humped ralph
she humped bobby, ricky and mike
tight, ıs the way she wore her dresses
has she learned her lesson
from all the dick testing
now ım guessing
shes laying ın a casket
ın a yellow basket
for a gucci jacket
daggit, ı wish she didnt do those nasty things
cause he made the ugly bitch sing


[verse three:]

tootie didnt know the facts of life
staying up ın clinics
loosy bootie made trife
feeling, she got the heeby geebies
quick to give you freebies
underneath the staircase ın brooklyn
neighbors out the window sure was lookin
she greasy like chicken
ı dont give a cotton pick and
she can do her thing
cause me and her dont hang
the ugly bitch sang


[missy talking:]

so you know what? this should be a lesson for anybody
whos hanging with someone whos dirty, nasty, stank
once again going around humping everybody
everybody and anybody and anything
thats why you make the ugly bitch sing
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