Black Sabbath - Devil & Daughter Şarkı Sözü

silence ıs mocking the dawn of a new day
devil and daughter are both on their way
the evil of her nature collects ın her eyes
with him theres no fear of the dawn bringing light

baptised with fire, too wild to be tamed
shes hot, evil and ready to take any man
let no one put assunder the power of the pain
he ıs the master of hell riding again

devil and daughter - pleasure and pain
devil and daughter - ıs this the end

a thousand times over, youll hear on the wind
ın the name of hell, these sinners never sinned
but satan never listens to the words that they send
drenching the soul with blood, when will ıt end

devil and daughter
hes got the power, shes got the pain
devil and daughter
shell break any woman and take any man
devil and daughter
hand ın hand with the reaper
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir