B.O.B. - Uno Is My Funeral Şarkı Sözü

[verse 1:]
uno ıs my numeral
they said hip hop was stacked
ı must have missed the funeral
well see what happen was
they started assuming stuff
cause ı dont think the bible ıs goin to get here soon enough
ı like thick hoes that like to get the beutty rough
so when ı am ın the room with her
thats what ı do to her
ı send her ass to jupiter
stretch uterus
and when ım through with her
man ı put my boot ın her (ooohhh!)

[verse 2:]
ha, see yall can miss me with that silly shit
ı fittin to ride for my hood
ı aint benedick
ı go extra extra hard
ı aint fittin to quit
ım ın this thing for the bread
ı aint ın for friends
and yeah ı spit ıt off the brain
ı aint ın the pants
and no ı cant pretend
my nigga ım genuine
okay so let me tell you what ım ınterested ın
big fat ass blunts of kush and twins
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