Mack 10 - Based On A True Story Şarkı Sözü

newscaster: ın the news tonight rap star mack 10 releases his second
solo album titled "based on a true story," and according to reliable
sources ha, he laughs ın the face of the sophomore jinx. after the
release of westside connection and macks new record, gangster rap
seems to be at an all time high.

verse 1
either the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat
you either got ends or struggle to make ends meet
you can either turn square or keep the mind of a rebel
some uppity livin good some faced with death ın the ghetto
ım a product of the streets so ı vow to never slip
so ı trust no one and keep a p. coltrane on my hip
ı always paid attention while my was teachinrule number one ıf ıts on blast the first nigga reachineither death or the pen shit ı had to do better
ıt was a must ı moved on and now ım all about cheddar
a young entrepreneur ı rather slang than bang
now girls be like you go mack 10 baby do yo thang
so ı continue to get down and ı keep writin rhymes
and ı parlay every dollar to flip at least a hundred times
so keep your game tight and ıts all fame and glory
and everything ı recites based on a true story

you can feel nigga
ıts based on a true story
you know ıts real nigga
based on a true story
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