Bonfire - Good Or Bad Şarkı Sözü

walkin down those empty streets
feeling tired of playin the game
youre captured in a town that doesnt sleep

you wanna run away from your life
but you gotta face the truth
your conscience gives you the pain you feel at night

youre lookin out for a new horizon
while you still take the money and run
but you know there aint compromisinwhen you play with a gun

good or bad
get it on your mind again
good or bad
never let it end
its good or bad

is it right or is it wrong
yet its hard for you to tell
you try to escape the jungle out on the street

much too long youve been on the run
oh how you long to draw a line
you cant rely on friends, youre on your own

its the struggle of survival
what youre facing everyday
sometimes even suicidal
when youre loosing your way

Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir