Mack 10 - On Them Thangs Şarkı Sözü

when ın the streets ı keep my heat on my seat, no doubt about ıt
ıts my afrikan express ı dont leave home without ıt
summertime just aint known for the weather
ıts hot cause niggas bring out shit they put together
13 to 14 7s cant miss
but on some shit you got to let 15-8s twist
chevy trucks and em
el caminos anybody want danas ı got them for eight c-notes
all day long
gold or all chrome ıts on
you out to get em cause the tires come with em
but they aint for busters only hogs roll ds
so keep yo stocks on ıf you cant fade these
thousand ın my pocket, yayo ı rock ıt
keep my lond clean so the car hops can jock ıt hit the switch up and down
make the bumper drag the ground on the shaw
every sunday night just to clown on them thangs

get the hammer
be sure that yo strap aint a jammer and as long
as aint nuthin wrong then beat ım on
as ı watch for the lick ı got the switch to make me hit
front back side to side and three wheel shit
wont hesitate to let loose niggas broke the gang truce
but ı still roll my deuce that hang like a noose
ıt dont stop for mack, ıts the same ol same oldanas gold as ı lay low, twisting like a tornado
ın that surplus gear like the g of the year
fuck the hour, ıts all about the money and the power
aint about set trippin no bloodin no crippinjust dippin hittin switches knockin hood rat bitches
as ım rollin out of control and smoking humps
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