Flatt And Scruggs - Gonna Settle Down Şarkı Sözü

tonight ım all alone no place to call my own
dont have no one to love me anymore
ım gonna pack up my grip and take a long long trip
back to the one that ı love so

oh ı long to go back to my darling
back to the one ı love so well
ı know shell be my wife and well settle down for life
cause shes the one that means the world to me

ı cant forget the day ı left and went away
you told you me ıd be sorry some old day
ı found ıt to be true so ım heading back to you
sweetheart ım tired and ı want to settle down

when ı get back to her my rambling days are over
well build a little cottage on the hill
well think of days gone by sweetheart just you and ı
and there well live so happy ever more
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