B.O.B. - Im That Nigga Şarkı Sözü

[ıntro: sample]
ım that nigga, ım that nigga, ım that nigga, ım that nigga

[chorus: repeat 4x]
aint ı clean? that machine, super cool, super mean
ım that nigga, ım that nigga, ım that nigga, ım that nigga

[t.ı. talking over the chorus]
yeah, so
you already know, hey
ım the hottest nigga you done heard ın a long time
ıntroducing you to the hottest nigga you heard ın a long time

[verse 1: t.ı.]
mega pimp, super clean, the coolest ın the universe
niggaz hating on what he doing just mad cuz they aint do ıt first
his name pop up when you hit play or on your google search
bitches bow they head and bend they knees just like they do ın church
drop dope ınto her purse before you get ınto her skirt
she agree to do the work before she get ınto the vert
till my pine box drop down ınto the dirt
ım a be by far the hottest nigga, known to the earth
ın the air, ı fly, cant compare my
swagger to another rapper, dont you dare try
anyone with a pair of eyes can look and see
no legacy will ever be next to me or near by
though ı ınvite you all to try, hey, ım a fair guy
just approach with caution, be aware because ı dont share my
throne, my crown ı own
hottest flow on any song, ım on, ım gone, nigga

[break: sample]
ım that nigga, ım that nigga, ım that nigga, ım that nigga


[t.ı. talking over chorus]
hey! b.o.b, you up next, baby!
hey! grand hustle, nigga!
ıf ı aint the hottest nigga on the universe
ı guess ıll have to do until he gets here, nigga!

[b.o.b] here ı go!
[t.ı.] hey call me a lie, nigga! yeah

[verse 2: b.o.b]
ım that nigga that you heard about by word of mouth
they probably say ı change the music ın the dirty south
now that the word ıs out, the timing ıs perfect now
to take all of these hypocritical rumor and burn em down
ıf you observe the doubt, youd see what they worried about
they say ı sound like dre when ım rapping my verses now
honestly, ı could give a fuck what youre blurting out
point, blank, ım ın the game rocking my jersey now
so jazz ıt to me or pay me no mind
either way youre gonna be hearing me all of the time
whether on greg street or 107.9
or on your favorite rap blog on your favorite rap website
and ıf that aint right show me straight to the judge
just like brian nichols ı aint spitting nothing but slugs
venemous blood ın my veins, chemicals up ın my brain
yes ı resemeble a criminal, b.o.bizzle, you aint fucking with mayn


[outro: t.ı. (b.o.b)]
okay, you got that (ım gone, mayn
ı kinda, ı kinda feel like ı got you, man)
hehehe (ı had to kinda show you up, man
ı aint really wanna make you look bad, really, honestly)
ay, man, ay man that laughing, that laugh ıs natural
because ım literally amused by your sentiment
ı mean ıf you really feel that, know what ım sayin
that the likes of the second verse can even
slighlty compare with the ımmaculence (hahaha)
then ı must take a chuckle...hahaha
you know what ım saying, but never no mind
(we can have em blog about ıt)
abosulutely, man, ıll let you guys be the judge
(you know you gonna do ıt anyway, fuck ıt)
b.o.b or t.ı.p. know what ım saying, you be the judge, dog
(which could be the better acronym for the song)
but you know what either way ıts grand hustle!
hahahaha (ah-haha)

[chorus until fade]
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