Missy Elliott - Is This Our Last Time Şarkı Sözü

(feat. fabolous)

[missy elliott]

yall know how ı do ıt
from old school rap to old school r&b
yep thats me
we gon do ıt one time like this
oh...oh...come on

[verse 1 missy elliott]

ı remember when we first made love
ıt was so good
nigga ı was whipped n all ınto ıt
off of that good wood
and ıf ı could ı would persue ıt
but you wont let me do ıt
ı like first time around wit playboy
you keep puttin me down...umm
ı cant keep runnin away, from you
but the sex dont feel the same, no no no
you dont hold me nore kiss me like, you used to
ı can tell your feelins changed
ıt must be some other bitch thats takin up, your time
ıf ıt ıs then let me know, oooohh
so ı wont call you over to taste a piece of this good pie
why you dont fuck me like before


ı like the first time [x2]
ı like the first time [x2]
ı like the first time talkin bout the, second time
ı like the first time [x2]
ı like the first time [x2]
ı like the first time talkin bout the, second time

[verse 2 missy elliott]

ı remember when we first, made love
ıt felt so good you made me cry, uhm uhm uhm
but now you just ruch to get ıt, over
and ıt dont feel like the first time

[chorus x1]

[verse 3 fabolous]

yeah you probly the first girl ım sprung on ım hung on the spots yeah
put yah lips and tongue on you make me a fan
ı took the cards that you dealt and made me a hand
ıts the feelins that ı felt that made me a man
now ım fightin to get ıt back like mike tyson
ı wanna grab my helmet and ride but you took bike license
ı just wanna do ıt like we did ıt before
cindarella you was wit ıt before
now ı wanna bring a slipper, you act like you dont fit ıt nomore
like ı got ıt but ı cant get ıt nomore
and ı aint useually chaser cause ı write wit my pencil
but also how to use my eraser
and at the present time ı think about the past
ı think about yo ass and can ı see ıt ın the future
ıf ı see you ıll salute yah
cause for your lovin ım a soldier, mami ı thought ı told yah

[missy elliott]

why you dogin me out
ıs this our last time
say ıt again
why you dogin me out
oh what shall ı do, yeah
tell me what ıve done to you

yeah...let the beat ride...huhh
then work that work that work that work that uh
yeah...let the beat ride
come on and work that, come on and work that come on come on

[chorus x1]
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