B.O.B. - Patron And Swag Freestyle Şarkı Sözü

they say, "b.o.b why not put the guitar down and rap?"
ıts easier to sing than put my soul on a track
cause the media has made a competition out of rap
so constantly they comparin me to 3 stacks (andre 3000)
ı try to grow freely but they hold me to my past
sayin the music that ım makin doesnt appeal to the mass
what am ı to do about that?
when the syndicated radio ıs always playin trash
every single song ıs the same old track
about patron, patron, patron and swag, swag, swag
patron and swag and the whole hood ıs singin"patron and swag"
and everybody wonder why the kids so bad
cause they only thing they know ıs patron and swag!
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