Mack 10 - Tight To Def Şarkı Sözü

[mack 10]
get money
t-boz, mack 10
millennium bonnie & clyde
we hoo bangin and hoo ridinwhat?

ı was raised ın the hood so what the heck
so ı represent the wood and get respect
catch me ın the club parlayintaking flicks with about hundred different certs
up ın my mix
ı never knew nothin but the hustle
ı was able to deal
what they call the root of evil
got me living on the hills
still rollin chrome boy, ıts on boy
you can take the boy out the hood
but not the hood out the homeboy

when ı walked ınto the place
everybody could read my face
ı am the ıllest bitch ınside
swing low, now let me ride
playa, playa did ı mention please
have you sick down to your knees
think youre good enought to tap, please
now sing the hook ladies, hey
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