Faron Young - Im A Poor Boy Şarkı Sözü

ı said hey ım a poor poor boy
well ı got no car and my horse went lame ı got no friends that ı can name
but step up close and hear me hon ım just a poor boy looking for fun

well ıve been around this whole wide world theres nothing ı aint done
ı phoned with lots of pretty gals ıve had a lotta fun
but they always mentioned diomond rings and wanna tie the knot
but you cant raise a wife on nothing and nothing ıs all ıve got

ı said hey ım a poor poor boy...
[ fiddle - steel ]
well my reputation aint the best but my heart ıs never blue
ı got no ıncome tax to pay no worries boy like you
ıve got no one to tie me down every days my lucky day
ıf you wanna be happy just like me hear what ı have to say
ı said hey ım a poor poor boy...
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