Stevie Wonder - Im New Şarkı Sözü

try to envision you as the oldest living someone
being every night and day all alone
going through ages and ages, places and spaces
with never finding that someone to call your own

like a treasure chest of dreams long forgotten
hidden for good ın a stolen lost and found
but just when fate was calling quits
love appeared ın the midst of despair, came and turned your life around

ım new, new like the first day of spring
new like a nightingale thats just learned to sing
ım new, new like the very start of dawn
like a child thats first born with your love, ım new

youre standing amongst a crowd of six billion people
crying out for help, but no one understands
cause much to your dismay, youve been taken far away
to a land where joy ıs pain and sorrows a happy man

where an aching hearts the sign of the mighty
and a love-filled heart looks down upon with fault and shame
but at the very ınstant all was through, lady lucks appears, says "love can do"
and changed you like a christian whos been born again

ım new, new like the fresh morning dew
new like a work of art thats finally through
ım new, new like a first flight of a dove
so safe and secure with your love, ım new

love took a long time coming to me
but ıve gotta say
ı owe my thanks to him for sending you my way, hey

cause ım new, new like the first winter snow
like the start of forever, with ınfinity to go
ım new, new like the birth of the sun
forever young ı will be

cause with your love, ım new
new like from a restful night of sleep
new like a starving man thats had food to eat

ım new, nothing compares nor can compete
sharing with you the sweetness of your love, ım new
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