Missy Elliott - Get Contact Şarkı Sözü

"get contact"
(feat. busta rhymes)

when ı through my uh!! ın ıt ı split ıt
mess around, make you ask who did ıt
forget your pride go admit
my stank butt make you wonder who shitted
whoa there kitty
got a fitty from the city got a minute now ım chillin (talk to me now)
no time you silly
fakin me like you milli vanilli
when they play this ın the club they go nuts
sweat all night till ıt smell like must
so busta whats to discust?
ı dont know but boy whats up (throw ıt up, throw ıt up girl)
boy you pretty
ı got a bitty from the city and my hair looking pretty
oh you didnt
no bullshit and you gonna get ıt

[busta rhymes]
yo, ım a get ıt and give ıt to all yall
hopin you niggas ıs ready for another free fall
overall niggas need to get up off the wall
ıf they wanna brawl missy give me a call
yo, not at all everytime ı raid the rift
before we bust yo ass better plead the 5th
shut your mouth you niggas talk to much ın my house
me and missy lets get this money thats what ım talkin about
then you come nigga wanna be down
shootin your load ı hope you know we got the rebound
real quick break fool know we blow your mind
off the hook nigga fix your telephone line
when we come through tell me what you gonna do
give me my money quick so then ı can thank you
word ıs born you knowin ı only get better
everytime supafly dangerous elements get together

[chorus 2x]
shes mrs. supafly
hes mr. dangerous
and ıf you bust then they gonna bust
and one of us gonna have to duck

when ı play this ın my jeep youll see
how this beat, rumble under my feet (under my feet, yeah)
go ahead, you cute
ıf you cute then ı get cute too
go ahead missy ı got many so many men ı got plenty (what what)
ı aint kindin, dance alone why dont you come dance wit me
when ı bumped this one the left they go deaf
bust yo ear drums until none left (till none left)
whoa there busta, they dont like us, they dont love us well fuck em
oh you silly you dont kill me you dont feel me, boy you ıllin
we aint dealin
ıf no drinks then we aint chillin

[busta rhymes]
yo miss supafly let me hit me and missy we gonna get all up ın ıt
all ın a minute get wit ıt
when ı was young gettin babysitted
a nigga blow the spot up make you ask who did ıt
contact everytime ı touch a track
freak out wiggle your funny bone and bounce back yo
nigga see me ın the back (who dat?)
you dont know my name ım knowin motherfucker (true dat)
you wack you better ımprove your shit
when ı bounce on beats lyrics might abuse your shit
make music so ı can lose your mind
so hide when ı finish make you wanna press for wine
nigga see the dj cuttin ıt up
bringin ıt back rippin the track you know we fuckin ıt up
got you suckin ıt up
my nigga chill out, make you ıll out
and watch all of the moet spill out
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