Ac&Dc - Landslide Şarkı Sözü

ı want you to hear me a little
this ıs for all you bad boys
this ıs a story of the satanic rock n roll
ı want you to put your hands ın your pocket
take ten dollars out and send ıt to me, ha ha

???? (a main man?)
listen to me baby, aint gonna say ıt again

when momma done school her son
daddy dont take a no, no, no
sends him to a (bullet affair?)
this boy ıs lost
ıts a living nightmare
ıt aint fair

that boy he dont know how to lose
hes out to win
he got the lot to call the last shot
shaker, hes a breaker, hes a maker
hes a landslide, landslide
walking, talking, rocking landslide

now momma he aint no toy
and never ever gets his share
(daddy expecting to ???? his son?)
???? room for air
this boy ıs lost
ıts a rocking double dare
hes out to stare


(preacher) done say his prayer
take him to the promised land
momma ????
never gonna ????
this boy ıs lost
???? far off course
but hes the boss


that mans a one man landslide
that boys a walk talk rocking landslide
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