Flatt And Scruggs - Back Tonight Şarkı Sözü

how many years how many rollin stones above
liky a gypsy ı have roamed from place to place
fortune never came to me how happy ı would be
just to look again upon your smiling face
now ıf ı should wander back tonight would yoube waiting
would your eyes be filled with love or tender lies
would you warm me ınto dear would you thrill to find me near
would you love me ıf ı wander back tonight

[ banjo - fiddle ]
last night ı dreamed that you and ı were back together
ı held your hand so gently ın my own
heard you say wed never part as ı pressed you to my heart
then ı walked ın tears to find myself alone
now ıf ı should wander...
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