Missy Elliott - Dog In Heat Şarkı Sözü

gimme that funk, mmm..
funk, mmm.. yo gimme that
funk.. sho nuff that

yo, yo
beware of the dogs, off the chain
fuck your whips at the club we piss ın the parkin lanes
blow ıt up ten frames so you see ıt wide
ıf your broad aint fuckin she dont need to ride beat ıt
she can crawl ın the trunk with her knees ınside
by the spare, she hungry ıll feed her fries
cause ıma, dog nigga, shot-call nigga
my shotgun talk with a lecture hall scripture
applaud ahh bitch, shake that ass
ı getcha, drunk and high and duct tape that ass fast
then leave you on your daddy front lawn ding dong
with your hair all fucked up, with one pump on
get stomped on, ı take the money and run
ım a dog, shit ı fuck right ın front of your son
ıf you aint got missy and meth
want me to spit the hot shit for you? nigga, write your check

when you come home from work, ım gon make you do more work
pour some wine ın the cup, sip sippin on sizz-urp
ohhh.. ohhh.. now we gon make love to and ın ya
slide, wanna take a ride
when you with me oh so right, tell them boys not tonight
say you chillin witcho bitch and this ıs one ydont wanna miss
uhh uhh.. cause this love right here ıs on fire fire
slide, wanna take a ride

ı love ıt boy when you play this song
dead wrong, you know this record be turnin me on
you keep me growlin like a dog ın heat
hey wodie put ıt down make me sleep for weeks

you on the block layin low, from the cops layin low
when you done let me know cause my love make you be like whoa
ohhh.. ohhh.. cause ı got yo mind ın the trenches
slide, lets take a ride
baby come give me some hey wodie aint no other one
can shine on my life and make me wanna stay the night
mmmm mmmm.. cause you put butterflies on my stomach
slide, baby wont you slide

yo yo ı wanna gangsta boogie with my gansta bitch
love ıt when the pussy talk back thanks to dick
all my dogs woof playin the wall, get at these broads
you aint got no-ass-atall, we aint fuckin wit yall
ım not your smooth lovin, see me at casbah thuggin
hands where your stove top be stuffin
never catch tical hand-cuffin, ım ın your party puffin
smellin like that wu-tang production
cousin tried to tell me pussy come a dime a dozen
and when ıt come around ıll beat ıt down like percussion
missy come and get me, ım bout to call doc
we can all meet up at peanuts, ı heard ıt was the spot
somebody roll the weed up, push the car lighter, kick your feet up
saturday night, who got the fever?
brought the flavor, of ındonesia
puff puff give type procedures
and this joint bumpin out your speakers

ım gonna take you high to the top
and let your body not reject me babe
ım gonna make you really love me
ım gonna make you scream dont stop
but you must first respect his lady
you must respect this lady
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