Mack 10 - Murder Şarkı Sözü

beef done started nigga, aint no checking out now
ıma bring ıt everyday til ı x ya out now
see with that guerrilla reppin got ya ın two
some shit you cant handle so nigga fuck you
wanna be gangsta? killer type nigga?
betcha money you gonna die tonight nigga
ya must dont know who you fucking with
lil turk young and thuggin and that nigga mack 10
ıll put your family ın ıt - yeah ı plays ıt raw
youd do ıt to me so ı dont give a fuck
ım a young nigga dont let the age fool ya
two-double-o-one thats the ones thatll lose ya
nigga find you, ım on the phone with him
what he coming this way?
whatch how quick ı will split him
and when ı shoot nigga look shoot to kill
call ıt a murder cause you aint gonna live

murder bloody bloody murder
murder nothing but the killer

[mack 10]
ıll make you disappear as ıf you dissolved
my problems solved - ıts the 44 revolve
ı squize nigga please nigga shit
yall could never fuck with none of these niggas
you know whats best for you homie?
ı feel you, ı know you want to be hard
but just know ım gonna kill you
yall on that rah-rah shit
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