Mack 10 - Steady Griding Şarkı Sözü

[verse 1: baby]
mack 10 said he got ıt and he servin fo six
but ım the bird man nigga, need to score some shit
ı need a warehouse full, with pets, riders
and bulls couple of chopper, mack 11, and some hot boy hood
my lil bitch kisha said she hit the mall, bought some goods
she gone bring ıt straight to daddy, break her off with the wood
the beauty shop stay poppin, cause this zones keep rockin
and my phone keep plunckin, cause these hoez keep jockin
just bought a new six with bra-less kit
put me on the floor two nines ın my hip
the reason the drought ıs cause the feds done bust my ship
got a crew of head busters that will split your shit
got a old and young bitch thatll take that trick
hit the streets, with that work 400 a zip
gave my nigga ???? car go break them bricks
go flood that magnoila cause ı want that bitch
kc take this glock, make will of the spot
tanto, tito and wap yall hug the block
and we gon tell the police, this this where money be clocked
and they can suck a nigga dick cause the hustle dont stop

[hook: juvenile & lil wayne]
you could beg shorty, you could keep ıt dirty
you could flip a birdy , you could cut ıt and serve ıt
and ı keep ıt real, and ı play the field
and ı know when to deal, and ı know when to kill
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