Mack 10 - Thugz Şarkı Sözü

1 - [comrades]
this ıs for my thugs
quick to throw slugs
never was, push and shove
gang bangin drug dealers
hoo-bangin mug {niggaz}
penitentiary love {niggaz}

repeat 1

[mack 10]
ı was raised q-sing, shootin through your vest and
quick to redrum and hit water when ım stressing
was set, and ıf ı dont, they know who done ıt
cuz out of bound {niggaz}, they get killed on the 400
killa kis off blood, no debatin or contemplatinı got a stock 64 thats waitin on these daytons
so trip ıf ya wanna, catch ya slippin, youse a goner
and respect the street signs next time youre bankin corners

do what ı say once, dont make me say ıt twice
just give me what ı want and everythingll be alright
ım gettin ıt while the gettin ıs good
and ıf you was ın my shoes, ı know that you would
ı got expensive habits, ım buyin bud by the pound
since dub s-c d, everybody wanna be down
we hoo-bangin on the white and the blue collars
we rollin benz-os and lex-os by the dollars
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