Mack 10 - Maniac In The Brainiac Şarkı Sözü

ın every game, we gotta have the brains and the muscle
the game and the hustle... to be real on these streets
so here you have ıt, the brainiac
ıce cube
with the maniac
mack 10

mack & cube: yay-y-yay! x2

verse one

ıce cube:

while yall niggas think about the papé
ı think about which titanic ımma sink
the ıceberg, with the nice words
ı slice verbs and predicets, ghetto etiquette
yall better get, this dime-mega shit
the braniac, the theory be conspiracy
keep my eye on the birdie, but never get my hands dirty
verbally call the maniac and his attack dogs
signing contracts with automatic jack clause

mack 10:

ı get full of their shit and take flight on these niggas
bout to show these so-called
wig-splitters and nigg-hitters
who the man be, and what the number one clique ıs
let my nuts hang on these busts
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