Black Sabbath - Shock Wave Şarkı Sözü

theres no reason for you to run
you cant escape the fate of the chosen one
black moon rising, ın a blood red sky
this time you realise that youre gonna die

drinking your blood brew ıs your answer
thats what you plan to do
no dreaming, time you cheat this master
youre on your own going through

wind of mist has taken over your mind
and you think youre on your own
dont believe you are the only one here
look around, youre not alone

feel the forces from another world
ghostly shadows fill your mind
evil power hanging over you
as you freeze, youre like a child
look behind you!

somebodys calling
someone ıs near
feel yourself falling
falling with fear
you tell yourself youre dreaming
you realise youre screaming
you know that this shouldnt happen to you
you tell yourself that ıts scary too
but there ıs nothing you can do, oh!

ghostly shadows from the other world
evil forces ın your mind
trapped between the worlds of life and death
frozen ın the realms of time
look behind you!

you feel yourself falling, youre at the end of the line
your body ıs crawling, but your senses are blind
cold, cold feelings are running through your brains
ıce cold fingers, running through your veins
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