Ac&Dc - Deep In The Hole Şarkı Sözü

ıve been enchained
she got shackles on me
that woman to blame
for the hell and misery
cant find my way outta here
shoot me down ın a burnin fear
goin down for a stretch of years
way down below

ım deep ın, deep ın, deep ın the hole
deep ın, deep ın, deep ın the hole
ım down ın, down ın, down ın the hole
well ım deep ın, deep ın
that woman got me deep ın the hole

ım sinking down
she got me down on the floor
cant touch both walls
the further down ı go
pulls the strings on my violin bow
makes me sing when she fire my load
aint no slave, but you do what youre told
you sold your soul
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