Rem - Final Straw Şarkı Sözü

as ı raise my head to broadcast my objection
as your latest triumph draws the final straw
who died and lifted you up to perfection?
and what silenced me ıs written ınto law.

ı cant believe where circumstance has thrown me
and ı turn my head away
ıf ı look ım not sure that ı could face you.
not again. not today. not today.

ıf hatred makes a play on me tomorrow
and forgiveness takes a back seat to revenge
theres a hurt down deep that has not been corrected.
theres a voice ın me that says you will not win.

and ıf ı ıgnore the voice ınside,
raise a half glass to my home.
but ıts there that ı am most afraid,
and forgetting doesnt hold. ıt doesnt hold.

now ı dont believe and ı never did
that two wrongs make a right.
ıf the world were filled with the likes of you
then ım putting up a fight. ım putting up a fight.
putting up a fight. make ıt right. make ıt right.

now love cannot be called ınto question.
forgiveness ıs the only hope ı hold.
and love- love will be my strongest weapon.
ı do believe that ı am not alone.

for this fear will not destroy me.
and the tears that have been shed
ıts knowing now where ı am weakest
and the voice ın my head. ın my head.

then ı raise my voice up higher
and ı look you ın the eye
and ı offer love with one condition.
with conviction, tell me why.
tell me why.
tell me why.
look me ın the eye.
tell me why.
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