Mack 10 - Mozi-wozi Şarkı Sözü

She wants me to break it half
So I'mma crack it like Humpty Dumpty
Her brothas want jump me
But but motherfuck a lil trick
She can get the dicka dee dick dick down south or in her mouth
Bustin' nigs I like to digs dark meat
Big booty but no cellulete
I'll grab it stab it cause I gots to have dag nabbit
Fuck it like rabbit
Wanna make it holla
Oh what the hell
Bust a right turn 12 dollar motel
Cause in the hood thats the best a nigga get
Small room smelling like cigarettes
Look girl it's a bed and builing
So stop acting like you gotta have the Hilton
It's four walls so drop your drawls and get cozy
Cause I'mma break you off something at the Mozi-Wozi

*Woman moans*
Mack 10 bitch
(Niggaz make a children)
Foe life
(Bitch I'll be there)
You got damn right
(If it cares to trip 'em)

Before we get busy go and take a shower
But hurry up shit cause we only got an hour
And I plan to be in it up to win it a good 45 minutes
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