Jim Jones - G's Up Şarkı Sözü

feat. Max B)

G's up nigga, ho's down
If the bitch can't swim she gon'drown
Runnin the streets totin' the 4 pound
U didn't know we was them niggas, the nigga u know now (dipset)

[MAx B:]
I had to fade 'm into black
Hit 'm with the crossover made 'm jump back
And before all that
I used to make 'm pump crack
Ridin'shotgun in the ?? slum back
Max leave the streets, please the don't want that
They need me in the shit
The .40 cals is mine, the nina's we could split
Cock back, squeeze off, started feedin 'm with the 5th
And u couldn't really hide, cause i seen that nigga trip
U ain't seen a nigga flip
Untill they bank 50 g's and u feed a nigga shrimps
39, 40 and u feed a nigga strips
Beat the nigga bitch,
Till she bleedin from the lips...yeah
Got me speedin in the six
Drunk off the hen, breezin in the mist
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