E-40 - Much Şarkı Sözü

[Chorus: Kokane]
Doin too much (too much), seven much (too much)
Don't you know that I'm the one
You can't get nothin over on me
Doin too much (too much), way too much (too much)
You doin too much - I'm the one


I see you over there peepin a player out from hella far away
Tryin to get with some of this here mackin
Apparently you ain't tryin hard enough cause if you was
you woulda been made your way over here to the V.I.P. with us
Where yo' man at? What's the matter with that clown
leavin a sharp-ass lil' broad like you up in here with all us players?
Hopefully you up in here with some of yo' friends, so some of my friends
can get with some of yo' friends and turn it into somethin
I'M - fin' to walk over here to the bar and get the bartender
to mix me one of my customized drinks without the blender
Get everybody up in the club up in here off the numb-numb juice
Vodka, 7-Up, and cran-apple juice (eww)
The ladies outnumber the fellas six-to-one
And me and my fellas up in here like good one pimp, we all won
The pretty ones in here are hot like a dog in heat
Touchin they toes, backin it up, and dancin like a freak

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