Kenny Chesney - Whatever It Takes Şarkı Sözü

Well, I've been drawing little hearts in the morning paper
Lookin' for a house an' a couple of acres
You'll be mine some time, sooner or later and I can't wait

Like a busy ol' bee savin' up it's honey
Honey I'm savin' up all my money
To have you I'll do anything I have to,
Whatever it takes

Whatever it takes to win your love
I'll hire me an airplane, have it paint your name
up in the sky above
I'll tell the world I'm yours, put it on a billboard
out on the interstate
If it takes forever to get us together
Honey I'll do whatever it takes

Well I've been yellin' your name from a lookout mountain
Tossing my pennies in a downtown fountain
Makin' my wishes I'm hopin' they're countin' for loves sake
I'll swim upstream in a ragin' river
Walk through fire til you get the picture
I swear I'll bare anything to get there
Whatever it takes
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