Ebony Tears - Negative Creep Şarkı Sözü

So I'm fucked up inside more dead than alive
Never followed the norm where I've been no one goes
I kill myself for what it's worth mediocrity is sin
I wipe my ass with moral standards I follow what's within
Always held your head high beaten up going down
So you're caged in your soul keep on digging that hole

Scars and wounds are worn with pride strength can not be taught
I see this world through my own eyes the greatest all time low

Always willing to bleed to regain what I need
I won't follow the blind I have faith in my mind
I spit my hate into your face you're caged inside your soul
I race the demons in my head eager to let go
So you fear for your life why don't you step aside
Beaten up going down eating shit from the ground
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