Kai - Maybe It's Better This Way Şarkı Sözü

Sitting alone, wondering where the time has gone,
We promised forever, that we'd be together,
But our love has since past on...
And how could you sit there
and tell me that I was unfair?
Why cant you try to put your pride aside
And for once show me you care...
Baby I sit here counting the times

you've done me wrong,
All the times you lied, and brushed me aside.
The list goes on and on...
Even when I'm trying to work things out,
you still blame me,
When I pay the price, of mistakes done twice,
baby now I see...

Maybe it's better this way,
Hoping it'll get better,
Will just cause more heartache,
I guess we'll go out seperate ways
It's better this way
Hoping it'll get better,
Will just cause me more pain,
Sometimes two hearts just don't love the same...
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