Estatic Fear - Chapter I Şarkı Sözü

The feeble leafs decline,
Enshrined in downing deep
The mourn abandoned plains,
Laid down in sombre sleep
Misty shades engulf the sky
Like past, worn memories
The bird`s song fills the whispering breeze
With autumns melody

The lunar pale grim shape
At evening`s sight renews
It`s silented wail relieves
Repressed thoughts anew
I hear the lonesome choir
Of fortunes past my way
Disdained in fiery weeps
Throughout my every day
These skies i hail and treasure thee,
Most pleasant misery
Not pittes thorn i shelter thine
Mysterious harmony

Draw on most pleasant night
Shade my lorn exposed sight
For my grief`s when shadows told
Shall be eased in mist enfold
Why should the foolish`s hope
Thy unborn passioned cry
Exhaust unheard
Beneath this pleasent sky?
For if the dusking day declined
Could delight be far behind?
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir