Tenacious D - Drive-Thru Şarkı Sözü

"Let's go to this drive-thru"
"Oh, good, I'm starvin'"

"Yeah, umm"
"May I have your order?"
"Yeah, hold on a second, I'm lookin' at the menu"

"Would you like Special Curly Fries?"
"Please don't, don't offer me anything, I'll, I'll tell you what I want"

"Umm, okay, you know how you have the six-piece nuggets?"
"Just, uhh, can you gimme just four nuggets? I'm, I'm tryin' to"
"They come in six or twelve piece, [Incomprehensible] want service?"
"Shut up and listen to my order"

"Take the six nuggets and throw two of them away
I'm just wantin' a four nugget thing
I'm tryin' to watch my calorie intake"
"They come in six or twelve pieces, sir"
"Put two of them up your ass
And give me four Chicken McNuggets"

"Then, can I have a Junior Western Bacon Chee?
A Junior Western Bacon Chee, I'm tryin' to watch my figure"
"Western Bacon Cheeseburger"
"A Junior Western Bacon Chee"
"Would you like that with onions?"
"No onions"
"Junior Bacon Chee, total is 6.57"

"An' I'm gonna go with a fillet of fish sandwich"
"Fillet of fish"
"Since that has less calories, 'cuz it's fish"
"Fillet of fish"
"Now if you could take a Coca Cola
And just go half Coca Cola, half Diet Coke
'Cuz I'm tryin' to watch my figure, tryin' to loose some of
the weight"
"You want it half, half Coca Cola, half Diet Coke"

"Umm, and a small, a small chocolate shake
Because I'm tryin' to watch my figure, not a large, a small"
"It come's in medium-small or medium-large"
"Small chocolate shake"
"Also a small seasoned Curlies"
"Seasoned Curlies"
"Small, seasoned Curlies"
"Okay, I got the small seasoned Curlies, Western Bacon

"Okay, huh, fuck my ass, what else?
Give me, uhh, alright, Cherries Jubilee and that's it"
"Cherries Jubilee"
"Wait, Kage, what do you want?"
"Ahh, jeez, let me have a"
"I think I want the regular, uhh, Western Bacon Cheeseburger
Large shake, umm, Cesar Salad"

"Oh God, come on with the order"
"Take forever"
"That's all I want, that's all I want"

"Good, how much is that, sir?"
"That'll be, uhh, 14.75"
"At the window please, will you drive up?"
"Do you have any money?"
"Oh shoot, umm, oh God, yeah, I got, do you have, I got like"
"Give it to me"
"Alright, here"

"Okay, we only have, huh, alright
I'm gonna need to cancel the last two things on the order"
"Okay, thank you, let's go"
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