Lady Sovereign - The Broom Şarkı Sözü

Ok, den, dis is somfin dat happened to me, yeah... and heres a little bit of advice: be careful wat you drink and who your drinking with. Trust me. ye just hear dis one fool!

[Chorus: x2]
If you beat your bredrin wiv a broom and she don't get up
Call de ambulance and tell dem that she jus got wack up
It's like nee naw bang-o-bang nee naw bang-o-bang nee naw bang-o-bang thats
what i sang,

"You're driving me crazy!" That's what she said like she was Britney,
Are you taking sumfing you really shouldn't you're name ain't Whitney
You stupid little bitch don't you eva start a riot,
If you wanna be startin sumfin, why not start a diet?
Now never ever ever ever bloody drink Stella,
Cuz it will send you spinnin like a helicopter propeller,
You're nutty like nutella you peanut butter nutty bitch
Don't make me switch...

[Chorus x2]

She gave me a fat lip, what you drinkin cat's piss?
You failed actress, I'll stack your blood on blood on your matress,
Ha, you had to clean it up...
aww, you stupid fuck,
Did you just call me a shmuck?
Don't push your luck!
She broke my glasses, I'll tell you wot they weren't cheap,
Maybe she was jealous of da property dat I keep,
You P.I.G shoulda grown up on da prairie,
Bitch, neva eva eva get leery again..
Bitch, Bitch

[Chorus x2]

See alla dis to me was like one big deja vu
I remember a coupla months ago when we had the same views.
Some people hide their knives, but you should hide your brooms
Cuz when I get vexed well I kinda stay in dis creepy mood
(Sing-song) ding-dong your turnin up on ma doorsteps shoutin like it's a sing-song
you dont wanna play around when i got my rings on
why don't you just bounce like you are a ping-pong
and stop actin like a clinger-on

[Chorus x2]

Ok, so dis is wot happened,
She invited me to her house,
And when I got dere she was like "rrrrr you drive me crazy"
My friends wer dere, her friends were dere, and she was just actin like a goth
"rrrrr, Sovereign, you drive me crazy"
Shut up, and neva eva try and pop my lip again,
Cuz I will pick up da broom and I won't be cleanin your house... haha
"errrr she drivin me crazy (gag, spit) Idiot."
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