A Day At The Fair - Everything I've Ever Wanted Şarkı Sözü

Well I have seen that giving up has given back to me.
And what's left is strong and true,
and I built it next to you.
I've waited, I've failed and
I've wanted,
now I've got it.
I hold my hands to touch this skyline.
I awake from sleeping in wide eyed dreaming.
It's always there for me...
Now I wake these reasons
through changing seasons
when you were there for me.
Well I'm making up my time
through time zone's and city lines.
And these days are long but new,
and I share them next to you in postcard's
and mail that needs sending.
I'm forgetting to send them at all.
When I die they will follow you home.
This is everything I want,
and I everything I need, this is everything I want,
this is every
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