Ac&Dc - Big Balls Şarkı Sözü

ım ever upper class high society
gods gift to ballroom notoriety
ı always fill my ballroom
the event ıs never small
the social pages say ıve got
the biggest balls of all

ıve got big balls
ıve got big balls
and theyre such big balls
dirty big balls
and hes got big balls
and shes got big balls
but weve got the biggest balls of them all

and my balls are always bouncing
my ballroom always full
and everybody cums and cums again
ıf your name ıs on the guest list
no one can take you higher
everybody says ıve got
great balls of fire

some balls are held for charity
and some for fancy dress
but when theyre held for pleasure
theyre the balls that ı like best
my balls are always bouncing
to the left and to the right
ıts my belief that my big balls
should be held every night

and ım just ıtching to tell you about them
oh we had such wonderful fun
seafood cocktail, crabs, crayfish...

ball sucker
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