Various Artists - Poor Fool Şarkı Sözü

They say that this youth has set my Lady's heart aflame!
His Lordship, sure, would die of shock
His Lordship is a laughing-stock!
Should he suspect her, God protect her!
Shame! Shame! Shame!
This faithless lady's bound for HADES!
Shame! Shame!! Shame!
Serafimo - your disguise is perfect.
Who can this be?
Gentle wife, admit your loving husband.
My love - I am called to England on affairs of State,
And must leave you with your new maid.
Though I'd happily take the maid with me.
The old fool's leaving!
Serafimo - away with this pretence!
You cannot speak, but kiss me in my husband's absence!
Poor fool, he makes me laugh!
Haha, Haha...
Time I tried to get a better better half!
Poor fool, he doesn't know!
Hoho, Hoho...
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