Accept - Turn Me On Şarkı Sözü

I can't wait to get you
Down on the dirty floor
I know it ain't a place
But come on and close the door

I'm coming down for pleasure
For headgames all night long
Yes, indeed, I wanna have it now
All what you've gotta give

I'm coming to the point - where I can't hold myself
You shouldn't hold it back - it has to be done

Please, turn me on, turn me on
I can't hold it
Please, turn me on, turn me on
I explode


Can't hold it back

It would be good to do it in the nice way
But sorry, I ain't got no time
I know you would like some light
But sorry, here is no lamp

So, please don't stop the feeling
Please, come close to me
I've gotta feel your hand
To bring it to an end


Baby, that was a hot lick
But someone's banging the door
Believe me, I'm sorry to stop you
But I'm coming back for more

It was more than I could ask for
Sorry babe, I've gotta go
Guess, there's more than two now
Who wants to break the door

Please babe, I've gotta go
You have been really good
I know you want some more
But, what can I do - let's go ahead

Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir