Marvin Gaye - Wholy Holy Şarkı Sözü

ah, wholy holy
come together
wholy holy
people got to come together
and ı know with the strength, power and all the feeling
wholy holy
wholy holy
oh lord, come on get together, one another
oh lord
wholy holy
wholy holy
wholy holy we believe ın one another
wholy holy we believe ın jesus
jesus left a long time ago, said he would return
he left us a book to believe ın
ın ıt weve got an awful lot to learn
oh, wholy holy
oh lord
we can conquer hate forever, yes we can
ah, wholy holy, oh lord
we can rock the worlds foundation
yes we can
better believe ıt
wholy holy together and wholy
holler love across the nation
oh, oh
wholy holy
we proclaim love, our salvation
oooh, ooh...
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