Vandals - Susanville Şarkı Sözü

With 800 pounds on 18 wheels
After 800 miles you know how it feels
To have your rear so numb you gotta poke it
To see if it's still there
Well it's one more load to one more town
Only problem is they're all starting to sound a bit similar
Lord knows they all look the same
So I got some hot coffee in Furnace Creek
Abut the trouble is I was never neat and I spilled it
And my map and phonebook were a blur
But I had a girl and a job to do
Or was that job and a girl to do?
I don't know - I had to go and my velvet interior was a soggy mess

(Chorus) Well I think I got a girl named Mary down in Susanville
Waitin' for me to come home and make her my wife
I know I got a load of somethin' goin' to Somewhereville
But I can't remember which to save to save my life

With a load to Mr. Johnson in Watsoville
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