Marduk - Sex With Satan Şarkı Sözü

Sex With Satan

Hell on fire, lust, desire
The devil wants to stick you, yeah
The devil wants to lick you
Wants your body, he wants your spirit
He comes to you at night
He wants to take a bite

Naked, twisting, bodies sweating
You can't escape his hunger
Screams like thunder
Prince Of Darkness, Prince Of Evil
Spread your legs and scream
No, this is not a dream

Sex with satan, excommunication

Degredation, humiliation, thrusting,
Shoving, animals humping
Lusting loudly, snorting, panting
He's like a dog in heat,
You're just another piece of meat

Cursed hellhound, craving demon
He fills you with pain
And now you're bloody and stained
Hurt and beaten, ohh, shamed and wreakened
He will possess you
He will molest you
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir