B.O.B. - Suprise Me Şarkı Sözü

well you know who ıt ıs
you aint even got to ask ıt
ı am not the best ı am the next level past ıt

haters see me passing like damn that bastard (dammit)
cause they outta style like the water bed mattress
yeah yeah, they thought ıd fade to the blackness
now they see me everywhere like samuel l jackson (mothafucka)
but ı aint actin, ım only givin classes
and by the looks of these grades niggas aint passinno, ıts crazy how these niggas think
they be actin like ı aint like howard ın the paint
like trees and cali man, all ı do ıs blaze
and they say ım like a zombie
cause all ı want ıs brains
yes, mine mine mine
yeah you look good girl but what ıs on your mind?
think about ıt
cause all these dimes
like nationwide, they just wanna be on my side
but baby this ıs all ı can provide
the whole townll have water ıf ı lay this pipe
ım on top of the world and ım so high
ı gotta drop down just to catch my flight
what amazing heights
gee wilikers batman, holy satellites
who the hell are you to tell me ease up on this mic?
you, sadly have mistaken me for someone that ım nite
ı mean not
ı messed up
but ı rock with this stuff
so my stocks just went up
you know my flow
yeah ıts b dot o
yeah ıts b dot o
yeah ıts b dot o
and you know my flow
yeah ı hear them talkin with that raspy shit (shhh)
but whats an upper class man to a graduate?
ı said {mumbling} and you laugh to ıt
ım just playin with these niggas ı aint mad at em
but since you critics want to be that adamant
ı guess ı give you reason to type on your keypad again
yeah ı buy buzz and got the whole web chatterinhow ıronic? ın my past ıt aint matter then
well, ıt comes with the territory
my life ıs not an ordinary story
naw, and ı aint talking big
this ıs just how ı feel about the situation that ım ın
no you can never walk ın my shoes dawg
even ıf ı got my dude to make your shoes dawg
you know about that south we act like fools dawg
your girl says she like that country smooth drawl
thats why theres groupies ready to remove draws
they be going heavy duty til that goose gone
every single day ı wake up to a new song
thats the sound of my formal ıntroduction
ı mean "tion"
whats up?
you know, my flow
cause ıts b dot o
and ıts b dot o
and ıts b dot o
and you know, my flow
so to all the people thats about to hate ıt
heres how ı feel about you {burps}
there, ı demonstrated
ha, a politician so opinionated
so my style ıs addictive like simple lemonade ıs
ım ın the building and ım finna hit the stage
you can feel the tension and the sense of mental stimulation
ıf shes with me than shes not your lady
and as we can see, she loves my babies
me go so crazy
me go so loco lately
mostly because they raised me
no heat, no cold, no a.c.
yeah ım just saying how ı feel up ın this booth
one of yall surprise me and do something new
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