Flatt And Scruggs - East Bound Train Şarkı Sözü

the east bound train was crowded one cold december day
the conductor shouted, "tickets" ın his old- time fashioned way
a little girl, ın sadness , her hair as bright as gold
she said< " ı have no ticket" and then her story told

"my father hes ın prison hes lost his sight they say
ım going to beg his pardon this cold december day
[ ac.guitar ]

my mothers daily sewing to try to earn our bread
my poor dear old blind father ın prison almost dead
my brother and my sister would both be mighty glad,
ıf ı could only bring back my poor, dear , old blind dad"

the conductor could not answer he could not make a reply
while looking at this little one he brushed a teardrop from his eye
"do not fear my little one just stay right where you are
youll never need a ticket while ı am on this car"
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